Bonjour les chéris!

Réli here, I'm a French Interior Stylist living in London UK.

Lover of all things handmade and colourful.

aka The Purple Stylist
Réli Farjon
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You may already know me on instagram as @thepurplestylist, well here I am in the flesh receiving you from the comfort of my purple home to share with you my passion for interiors, gardening and craft-making.





Follow me on my styling adventures in a busy styling job designing advertising photoshoots, video shoots, event and popups.

And doing what I love most in my spare time: creating craft, DIY, upcyling projects and of course gardening!

I will share with you my creative process, design tips and all the things that inspire me: nature, painting, sculpture, textiles and lots of beautiful humble homeware brands.

Join my flock of feathery friends!