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HIT IT LIKE A WAVE! Wave Effect Furniture

How I created this statement piece with limited effort and very little money!

It started with this incredible catch from FREECYCLE, a Marks & Spencer sideboard was up for grabs with a note saying collect as soon as possible. The owner needed to "make room", well needless to say I was over there in instants, "honey I'll make room for you" I said.

TOP TIP: One thing I've learnt with Freecycle is you have to ACT FAST!

I had fallen upon the works of Shane Couch whilst doing research on Cornwall painters for a project, this particular piece called Glistening Breaker stuck with me. I absolutely adore the movement of the wave and the vibrant colours. It got me wondering how I could create a similar wave effect on a piece of furniture, and that sideboard seemed like the perfect casualty to test it on. I had recently created a gradient effect on a dressing table (read separate post here) which was pretty successful, so I set out to do something similar for this one.

Glistening Breaker oil on panel 8.5x15, click image for pricing

You will need:

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Greek Blue

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax in clear

1 x Spray bottle

1 x Toothbrush (medium to hard strength is best)

3 x Paint Brushes medium

1 x Cloth (to apply wax)

STEP 1: Paint the furniture in the 3 different strips of paint darker blue at the bottom, lighter in the middle and white on top like the sea froth.

STEP 2: Create the gradient by wetting the line in between the two blue colours. Using two brushes brush up and down until the line is blurred. Keep spraying lightly in between

STEP 3: to create the white froth effect I used a tiny piece of sea sponge that I dipped in pure white paint and patted over the area in a wave motion.

STEP 4: To finish I splattered some white paint using a toothbrush, resting my hand just on the edge between the white area and the light blue area and pointing downwards.

Then I freestyled a few splatters all around at the end.

Leave to dry overnight.

STEP 5: Wax the furniture all over with a little cloth

The finished star of the show!


Sideboard is Marks & Spencer, bought from Freecycle UK

Paint from Annie Sloan

Gold spray paint is Montana Gold in chrome gold from Hobbycraft (only available in stores)

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