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Kieran and Helen have created an ethical space so heavenly you'll never want to leave!

They describe their Wildwood Spa as a 'back to nature' escape within luxurious surroundings.

Let's face it city weekend city breaks are great but nothing beats a weekend getaway where your soul focus is to do nothing and take time away to recharge as a couple.

This couple spa shows its green ethics sitting pretty in the midst of a 12 acre woodland amongst an area of outstanding natural beauty, home to many deciduous and evergreen tree species including beech, ash, hazel, Douglas fir, horse chestnut and cedar.

The monochrome interiors delight with an array of exposed wood. Built in pure lines and square panels reminiscent of traditional Japanese houses.

Featuring contrasting black cubby holes as shelves and benches.

The wooden house exterior was finished in the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, an ancient way of weatherproofing it by charring the cladding with fire, which forces the wood fibres to react, making it watertight and immune to the attack of termites or fungi. It also blackens the surface to a stunning matt black charcoal finish giving it this elegant modern finish.

Everything here is designed to encourage you to sit back, relax and reconnect with your natural surroundings. A cosy read with a cup of herbal tea staring out at the view over the stream, foraging plants in the forest for said herbal tea, and generally unplug.

The central focus of the house is the heated hydrotherapy pool, where you can lay in under water sun loungers that will provide you with a water-pressure massage #bliss whilst listening to the gentle sound of birds twittering.


The building has been substantially insulated to retain thermal mass and minimise the need for heating. The owners also chose to install an air source heat pump to heat the building and provide hot water to minimise environmental impact.

Everything has been designed to encourage you to make one with nature including wonderful elements like this heavenly outdoor shower.

Oh and not to forget the sauna built in beautiful cedar wood!

When was the last time you had a long bath staring out at tree top views?

As if this bedroom couldn't get any more romantic, note the projector above the bed, a dropdown screen will allow you to watch your favourite rom com from the comfort of this cosy nest.

The upper deck has been created using local masters in dry stone walling, who spent months carving and assembling it for an end result which is pure artistry.


View the spa in action here


To make a booking at Ravendere Retreats click here

All furniture from Wayfair UK

All photography by Alexander Edwards

"Rewild Yourself" book by Simon Barnes

"Forage" book by Liz Knight

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