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How to create a Cherry Blossom Easter Tree

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


Every year, when spring comes along, I religiously make an Easter tree! (even though I don't do it for any religious reasons whatsoever, lol)

This year, I created it out of these yucca flowers that a kind neighbour let me have off her plant, I love how sculptural they look. They may look like branches but they're actually the flower stems that erupt from the centre of the plant, these had totally dried out on the plant and I could instantly picture myself creating something interesting out of them. Well here we are, is that interesting enough for you guys? Let me walk you through a quick step-by-step.

1. Pick the Branches

I don't expect you to have these particular branches at hand, you can pick yours from whatever tree you have in your garden, or whilst on a walk in the countryside.

Note: make sure the branches feel quite strong as otherwise they will bend with the weight of the ornaments.

2. Paint the Branches

I used spray paint for this, it's so much quicker and easier to get into the grooves.

Being Easter, I went for a pastel colour but feel free to use whatever shade of colour you have at hand.

3. Fill the vase

Fill with something heavy, I used white sand (from Ikea) as it lends itself for anything seasonal (I reuse as snow for Christmas!)

TOP TIP: I used a clear vase so you can see the different layers inside it when it's finished.

4. Prick the branches in

Start with the tallest one in the middle to act as the tree trunk, then add other branches around it at a slight angle.

5. Add the moss

I used reindeer moss to fill the top of the vase. I like the realistic feel that it gives.

6. Stick the blossoms

I pulled the individual blossoms off a garland. I place a dot of glue at the base of each blossom with the glue gun before placing on the tree one by one.

TOP TIP: Stick the blossoms on the end of branches at the intersections where it would normally be (look at pictures online). The better the placement the more convincing the effect

7. Attach the birds

Place the birds in a way that looks realistic. Space them out evenly on the tree.

8. Hang the eggs

Delicately attach the eggs trying not to have two of the same next to one another.



Hanging eggs, bunnies, clear vase, artificial flowers, dried flowers all from WAYFAIR

clear vase and white sand from Ikea

Reindeer Moss from Amazon

Decorative birds from Etsy

Little blue ceramic vase from Melisa Dora Ceramics

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