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How we created a POPUP BAR out of our garden shed!

That eureka moment when a negative turns into a positive!

It all started when the builders told us that in order to lay out the patio properly at the back of the garden they would have to to also lay it under the garden shed, meaning emptying and dismantling the shed (horror face emoji!!!).

We gathered the courage (and the time) to do as we were told, and it wasn't until time came to build the shed back up that lightning stroke! My partner suddenly went "could we rebuild it so it can be a bar?". I knew at that moment he had no idea how much work that entailed, but I was so keen on the idea, I just went: OMG YEEEES!!!

We started out with this box standard 6'x8'shed

It used to face towards the house, so

We basically extended the shed upwards on one side. All we did was add vertical batons on the higher side for support and we got some long strips of wood to create the added piece for the bar. Fitted some hinges to the piece and some chain, job done. (can't seem to find the pictures of the process, I shall add them when I do!)

When we put the shed back together, we changed its orientation, so it is now facing towards the pergola and the drinks can be served straight from the bar to the guests seating in the lounge.


My partner is originally from Trinidad, Caribbean, so when it came to restyling the shed into a cool bar I went for a Carribbean beach hut kind of vibe. I painted it in this purple pansy colour (Cuprinol Shades) for a great summery feel all-year-round.

I made those window blinds out of some Clarke & Clarke fabric I had leftover from a shoot.

I keep this set of folding high stools within reach in the shed so that whenever the bar pops out, the stools can be conveniently laid out in front very quickly.

Here you can see the full layout with the shed in the far right corner. I love that it is a bit hidden behind the banana plants, so as the guests walk in they first see the pergola inviting them to come and seat, and as they make their journey through the garden BAM! they realise there is another surprise around the corner!

"Friday nights are meant to feel special, even if spent at home"


I was delighted when the bar even featured in this recent shoot I did for APÉROL with amazing photographer Natasha Alipour-Faridani. My partner and a friend even got to model for the occasion, whoooo!!!



If you would rather get something ready made, here are my top picks from super affordable to super stylish

Reclaimed timber for Eveamberley on Etsy


I like the simple shape, the price AND the fact it is handmade. You could also paint it in a different colour.

Vandusen Tiki Bar from Wayfair


How super fun is this? Loving the tropical vibes!!!

Honolulu Tiki Bar by John Lewis


Hands down to this handmade beauty bar and wall unit from Recreated By Crighton on Etsy


Finally how about the complete package with very little effort?

Paradise Bar from Cherry Lane



For more amazing outdoor bar inspo, head over to Laurie Davidson's blog THE FIX and see how she styled up hers! Also see what else she managed to squeeze in her outdoor space!


Garden shed from Screwfix

Shed painted in Cuprinol Shades purple pansy

Blinds fabric from Clarke & Clarke

Folding stools from Ikea UK

Bunting from Hobbycraft

Party decorations Talking Tables

Glassware and serving platters from Maison Du Monde

Barware from House Of Fraser

Branded Aperol barware from Aperol

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1 Comment

Lisa Mckinney
Lisa Mckinney
Aug 11, 2020

This is seriously cool!!! Love it x

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